Educational Electronics Kit for Kids


The Educational Electronics Kit for Kids ages 8 and up, is a snap-on circuit kit that will enable kids to do experimental circuits without wiring. This kit is composed of different electronic components and devices to do the 1398 activities included in the manual.

Digital Blocks – Simulate kids to explore design ability, practical ability and creativity.

Practice Learning – By building a variety of electrical function, knowledge in electronics is developed.

Parent-Child Interaction – Parent-child bonding is promoted by doing fun activities together.



ROHS, CE, EN71 and SGS Compliant.

Items included in the product:
– One-snap Connector x6
– Two-snap Connector x9
– Three-snap Connector x4
– Four-snap Connector x2
– Five-snap Connector x2
– Six-snap Connector x1
– Seven-snap Connetor x1
– Buzzer x1
– Touch Plate x1
– Reed Switch x1
– Button Switch x2
– Switch x1
– Photosensitive Resistor x1
– Red LED x1
– 2.5V Lamp x1
– Battery Holder 1.5V Type AA x2
– Loudspeaker x1
– IC for Music x1
– IC for Alarm x1
– IC for Space Waa x1
– Green LED x1
– Microphone x1
– Power Amplifying IC x1
– 100 Ohms Resistor x1
– Running Water Coloured Lamp x1
– Frequency Modulation IC x1
– 1K Resistor x1
– 5.1K Resistor x1
– 10K Resistor x1
– 100K Resistor x1
– 6V Lamp x1
– Motor x1
– 0.02 uF Capacitor x1
– 0.1 uF Capacitor x1
– 10 uF Capacitor x1
– 100 uF Capacitor x1
– 470 uF Capacitor x1
– PNP Triode x1
– NPN Triode x1
– Variable Capacitor x1
– Ammeter x1
– Hand Crank x1
– Magnet x1
– Fan Blade x1
– Circuit Board x1

Activity Manual Included

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